Baby boo

I'm a kool kid who are you


crazy people NOOOO!

thumb|300px|rightthumb|323px|rightthumb|326px|rightShe's a kool kid what are you? :)

I'm a kool kid and we just love to sing and dance lol please comment on my blogs.Edit

If your a kool kids walk like this if your a kool kid talk like this and your a kool kid than your a kool kid.Edit

B-K have alot of songs just to let you guys know. And she is onlysix so don't judge her joice like it's an adult joice judge it on a kids voice people.Edit

Baby kaely yup thats her name she haves three brothers and there not lame she can rap hard do it all day and know body will say. shut up get out of here. and if the do just watch and see what she will do. lol like my rap i made up lol ")Edit

shes only six but she raps like she's twonty she is only six but she's far from a dummy.Edit

double beats holler at her. I love the blow on her video the one a post. she loves everybody even the haters. so do i ilove everyone toooo!Edit

She's making the music for all of yall if your a kool kid she'll give you a kool kids past don't that sound fun. lol ")Edit